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This is where we complete the creative design of your printed project – Foil Stamping, Score and Die Cutting, Trim to size, then Folding and Stitching to complete.

Pocket folders are perfect for press kits, portfolios, and employer packets. They can also be dressed up with embossing, foil stamping, and other beautiful finishing touches.

Remoistenable gluing, Formalopes, response cards, and custom envelopes are just a sampling of the products produced on our all-in-line remoist system.

Adhesive taping goes by many different names: Peel-N-Stick tape, transfer tape, stick it tape, and many others. Whatever name you like, you'll love our options. We have a large number of tape options and sizes in addition to multiple equipment options. Standridge Group is able to handle a wide range of in-line and off-line projects.

Custom and index tabs from Standridge Group. Standard tabs, tabs with clear and colored mylar, and blank tabs for on-demand printing are available. Edge reinforcing on the binding side adds durability.

Product Thickness Matters - Products designed for refolding should have fewer than 32 pages; stitched booklets folded parallel to the spine should have no more than 16 pages for most stock weights. Thicker products will have too much stress placed on the spine during refolding, which could compromise quality, strength and appearance. However, these are recommendations and not absolutes; please contact Bindery1 to see how we can handle your specific application.

Tabbing for Self-Mailers Refolded self-mailers will require tabbing (also called wafer sealing) before entering the mail stream. Depending on your layout, pieces will require one or two wafer seals on the open edge of the piece, and must be positioned to not obscure the address or indicia area. The proper orientation of these tabs, as well as the address portion of your mailer, is determined by your postal class, design and final size of your piece. Let Bindery1 help you with this important planning step.

Stagger Stitches for Refolding Saddle-stitched booklets should be designed so the stitches are staggered after refolding. This minimizes stress on the spine, which can manifest itself as wrinkling and tearing. Also, refolding may cause pushout away from the final fold, which causes the open edges of a refolded piece to appear uneven. Again, advance planning with Bindery1 can help avoid these problems.

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